Workshop List

Wellbeing in Challenging Times (60 minutes)

Receiving a financial shock can have long term effects on financial wellbeing and mental health so being able to manage this situation is vitally important. This workshop provides participants with the information they need to take control of their situation immediately including details on available sources of emotional and financial support.

Introduction to Financial Wellbeing

This interactive workshop promotes financial wellbeing by looking at different ways to help increase financial happiness. Participants have the opportunity to explore a wide array of finance topics including understanding attitudes to money, budgeting, dealing with debt and choosing financial products. The workshop provides tools enabling individuals to make better informed financial decisions.

Financial Wellbeing Express - Lunch & Learn (50 minutes)

This highly practical workshop provides participants with top tips to make quick and easy improvements to their financial health. Grab a cuppa and let us share our top 10 financial tips that can boost financial wellbeing today. With our expert personal finance knowledge, we’ll share our trade secrets so colleagues can take away really practical ways to boost their wellbeing immediately.

Planning & Budgeting

This workshop provides participants with essential skills and confidence to set personal financial goals and develop plans to achieve them. The course also seeks to make them aware of money management tools (digital and analogue) to build an effective money management solution that works for them.

Understanding Pay & Tax

Employees often struggle understanding their payslip and the UK PAYE tax system. This workshop provides participants with the confidence and knowledge to understand their payslip, learn the dark art of tax codes and identify ways to reduce tax liabilities through pensions and other employer schemes.

Getting Financial Advice (60 minutes)

Many of us can be hesitant to seek financial advice and may feel embarrassed asking for help and support. This workshop provides comprehensive guidance about how to identify the financial help needed and where to look. Participants will gain the confidence and knowledge to make the right choices when seeking financial advice and select a financial advisor to meet their needs.

Savings & Investments

Having a bit stashed away to weather a financial shock is one of the biggest contributors to a person’s financial wellbeing. This workshop highlights the benefits of saving and will identify different ways to save no matter what a person earns. It provides participants with an awareness of the different saving and investment products available and considers the risks, rewards and potential returns to enable informed choices. By making changes to your money mindset, anyone can save and this workshop will teach them how.

Credit & Borrowing

The use of credit is no longer taboo. Most of us wouldn’t be able to buy a home without it. This workshop provides participants with the skills to understand the different types of credit available allowing them to make informed borrowing decisions. Participating in this workshop allows participants to understand how credit files and scoring influence the options available to them and how to avoid the serious consequences of problem debt.

Debt You Can Manage

Problem debt can cause a lot of stress and worry. It can often result in feeling embarrassed and afraid to seek help as well as having a negative impact on our overall financial, physical and mental wellbeing. This workshop provides participants with guidance about what to do if you are worried about debt and provides details about how to access money and debt advice.

Mortgages & Help to Buy

What could well be the biggest purchase of a person’s life needs to be done with a full understanding of the mortgage market and the different options available. Acquiring a mortgage at a cost that’s affordable and also meets their individual needs can provide a feeling of security. This workshop gives participants the tools to be able to make good financial choices when considering taking on a mortgage or remortgage and knowing when and how to engage a mortgage broker.

Insurance & Protection

As well as mitigating risk, insurance provides people with a sense of wellbeing and security as they know that if something goes wrong their product/service can be replaced. This workshop focuses on how to protect against financial risks by exploring the merits of different types of insurance and discussing how to choose a policy that meets each individual’s needs.

Retirement & Pensions

For many of us, we feel ill-prepared for retirement – not knowing the size of our pension pot and worrying that we haven’t saved enough are common anxieties. This workshop aims to help employees understand pension planning and the importance of saving for retirement throughout life so that informed decisions can be made. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about when and how to seek financial advice to avoid common pension pitfalls.

Wills & Future Planning

A Will tells everyone what should happen to a person’s assets after they die. But that’s not all. Making sure that personal wishes are respected and family is cared for financially will give them some peace of mind. Thinking about a Will is also a great time to consider other legal protections such as a Power of Attorney. This workshop helps people understand the need for a Will, the cost and how to get one and to consider the other options available when future planning.

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